Two times a year please. Many people in South Charlotte, NC don’t realize how critically important it is to have your teeth cleaned twice a year. It is more than just how your smile appears in the mirror, but regular cleaning is vital to your overall health.

Want to know why?  Insufficient oral hygiene is linked to many health issues. Many might know that having your teeth up to snuff in this area will help prevent gum disease which will hurry the process of tooth loss. But that is not all it prevents.  Consider this. It helps in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, cancer, strokes, and all sorts of other problems.  Yes, for sure brushing and flossing daily will help but it is not enough.  That is why a thorough clean is so important.  These check-ups by a professional twice a year are vital.

The unfortunate reality is one person in America dies every hour because of oral cancer. When you visit every six months, the dentist can see early signs of any problems.

Many dental plans will cover these important cleanings. Plus, you will save money down the road in preventing further damage to your teeth and gums. Prevention is the best way to go, not a cure when your teeth and gums have a critical problem.

Back to the health benefits.

Regular cleaning will help prevent:

Lung Infections
Kidney Problems
Preterm birth
Erectile Dysfunction
Prevention of Dementia

That should convince you to make an appointment with Dr. Cherry.

The best of the benefits include having fresh breath. It is like taking the trash out.  The more the garbage sits there the more it stinks.  The same goes for your mouth!

And not to mention you may get a few more kisses with clean fresh smelling breath.

Give Dr. Cherry a call today and schedule your cleaning. You will be smiling proudly very soon.

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