While a visit to the Dentist may not sound like a lot of fun, there are so many reasons to stop running and get into see one. We want to invite you to visit us. Why is it so important we see you?  Basically, the visit is integral in maintaining your oral health. No doubt we can even make it an easy and enjoyable experience.  As well, it is beneficial for your overall general health. Most dentists recommend having a cleaning and exam two times a year. We agree! It is so important for so many reasons, so let’s discuss.

Between visits you may experience some tooth decay that leads to the dreaded cavity. This happens when bacteria forms as plaque on your teeth.  It means something is at work on that beautiful smile.  Most people experience a cavity or two during their lifetime.  It is typical, so don’t feel bad.  However, there are ways that you can prevent or curb the likelihood of those painful moments.  That is what we want to discuss. How about we give you some helpful hints on what you can do between visits to prevent cavities.

We have all heard about tooth decay, but how does it form? Take for example what you eat and drink. Maybe you love your soda in the morning or that candy bar in the afternoon.  Do note that the sugars in these products can create acid.  If you don’t see a dentist to remove plaque and tarter there will be a problem.  Consider that the plaque will hold this acid against your teeth.  Then it will eat away at your tooth enamel.  That is when all of these factors combined go to work allowing for tooth decay and the eventual cavity.  So, let’s not let that happen.  Here is what is recommended.

Brush your Teeth
Brushing your teeth is the ultimate “scrub and dub.”  Brush twice daily and be sure to use a toothpaste that contains fluoride.  Most people use regular toothbrushes but there are many varieties of electric toothbrushes from which to choose. When brushing, get all sides of the teeth, front, back, and top.

Be sure to floss.  It will remove unwanted food or “debris” from between the teeth.

Watch the pop and candy.  Think again when you purchase that soda.  How about water instead?  Besides, it will cleanse your insides.  Our suggestion is to go ahead and have the sweets, but moderate.  If you love hard candies and candy bars or anything loaded in sugar, just try to watch the intake. Attempt to control that itch so you can give your teeth a fighting chance.

And of course, we would like to see you two times a year at our office.  We can check things out, give your teeth a good cleaning and keep you on top of fantastic oral hygiene.  Call us, we will schedule you today!

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