Your smile is part of putting your best foot forward.  When you meet someone, it is one of the first things that says, “Hello.”  However, you notice that your teeth need some work. They are just not straight and you are sometimes embarrassed to smile.  Stop that thinking. Welcome to  Dr. Cherry’s office. That’s me. In this blog I will talk about the revolutionary teeth straightening process, Clear Aligners.

Today’s way of straightening teeth is a far cry from the braces and a full mouth of metal and rubber bands.  Although traditional braces are still used in some situations, many dental patients are choosing the benefits and ease of Clear Aligners. Clear Aligners, or sometimes referred to as Invisible Braces, have taken root in the dentistry field as a safe and effective way to get those pearly whites placed just where they need to be in your mouth. Just like magic the Clear Aligner system works for that perfect bite while giving the patient (you) that is confidence deserved. Why? Clear Aligners are virtually invisible to others. So, it is the best of both worlds. We can get those teeth straight while eliminating any embarrassment by the look of traditional braces. All of that metal, be gone!

Here is the net. Just like traditional braces, Clear Aligners are designed to move your teeth in to perfect position slowly. Our team of experts including myself will take all of the diagnostics to ensure that your program is a perfect fit.  Everything from x-rays, photographs, impressions, to digital scans will be complete before the real fun begins. We will design the perfect smile from that information and know that the program created for you will move each tooth into perfect position. The goal is always a healthy bite where the top and the bottom teeth fit together. Don’t forget that moving teeth is a complex biological process. I will be there from start to finish as the treatment includes a series of plastic aligners that use the initial diagnostics as a baseline.  We will just see you in our office every 6 weeks or so to measure the progress and ensure we have the right aligner for that point in time.

Here is the good news.  Although it is recommended that the Aligners be worn around 22 hours a day,  you can remove them if you have a special social occasion or business presentation or event. But remember, Aligners won’t work unless they are in your mouth. That is just a tip to always keep in mind. Just give me a call, yours truly, Dr. Cherry, and we will set up a consultation. During our time together I will explain the process, benefits, and what you will witness over time using this revolutionary dental technology. In the end, you will see that perfect smile you deserve. That is the Dr. Cherry guarantee.

Clear Aligners
Virtually Invisible. Absolutely Impressive

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